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Treasure Hunt

28 February 2022 - Dirk Uys
Twelve Land Rovers met in the Lanseria area for the start of the annual Treasure Hunt.

The original route had to be altered due to the heavy rains in Gauteng. The low water bridge over the Jukskei River was flooded and one of the bridges over the Hennops River was washed away.

The teams drew their starting positions. Then, each team had to translate a Morse codeword using a supplied key. This challenge was to create a delay between the vehicles.

All vehicles followed the route directions successfully and managed to get to the picnic venue at De Wildt Adventure Trails without getting lost.

Leon de Beer and Pieter Erasmus had a tough decision to make at the venue. Doing the short hike or assisting an overnight hiker to fix a flat tyre? They opted for the tyre and it was quite a challenge trying to inflate Audi’s spare tyre. They eventually gave up using the spare and opted to repair the tyre by inserting a tyre repair plug.

The walking trail was only 3km long over varied terrain and a little bit uphill at places. It passed numerous marked trees over a few small streams, passed trenches from the Anglo Boer War, a waterfall or two and snaked back to the picnic area.

After the “short” hike all enjoyed the shaded picnic area and relaxed around the braai fires. Some with a craft beer in hand.

The competition was quite fierce answering the questionnaires, as the tallies were close.

Treasure hunt winners:

First: Leon de Beer, family and friends (Team VEEAAIT)

Second: Clive, Shaun and Many (from the Mud & Mayhem Society)

Third: Simon, Rori and Aiden Meanwell (Team Godzilla)

Quickest on the Morse code challenge: Ray Lange (33.8 seconds)

Best picture drawn: Helen Smit




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