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Landys and Lattes August 2023

13 August 2023 - Clint Mason
The 12th of August 2023 marked yet another memorable chapter in the Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa's book as they hosted a delightful Landys and Lattes gathering at the charming Green Bean Coffee at Boskruin Butchery and Deli. This month's event carried a touch of uniqueness, adding a spark to the day that resonated with Land Rover enthusiasts.

In a true display of consideration, a last-minute collaborative effort involving Tanya and Andrew, the adept center management and proprietors of Summerfield’s Boskruin Centre, Lee, and others at Boskruin Butchery and Deli resulted in specially reserved parking bays, strategically positioned right in front of the venue.

Venturing behind the unassuming lattice fence, attendees discovered the hidden gem that is Green Bean Coffee and Boskruin Butchery and Deli. This oasis of culinary delight, overseen by the amiable Lee, exudes an aura of warmth and charm. Nestled amidst an array of vibrant potted plants, the restaurant provided an idyllic backdrop for the day's gathering.

Lee's meticulous attention to detail was evident in the care with which every aspect of the restaurant was presented. Lee is diligently supported by friendly and helpful staff, including our professional and attentive waiter Henry, who made sure that we were all well looked after for what turned out to be a longer visit than expected.

As the morning light gave way to the promise of a vibrant day, Ellias, the steadfast head of security at Summerfield’s Boskruin Centre, stood watch over cordoned-off parking bays. The setting was gradually transforming into a haven for Land Rovers, with each vehicle finding its designated spot.

Against this backdrop of collective enthusiasm, Land Rover devotees came together, renewing acquaintances and sharing their passion. Camaraderie emerged effortlessly as Simon, Rori, Mark, Paul, Michelle, William, Di, Gavin, Peter, and Beate added their voices to the chorus of Landy lovers. Conversations flowed, anecdotes intermingled, and laughter reverberated, creating an atmosphere of shared delight.

Despite the relentless sun that refused to allow Simon a moment's shade, spirits remained undaunted. Breakfast beckoned, and the diverse offerings on the menu catered to varying tastes, ensuring that there was something for everyone to relish. A delicious rare prego roll became my personal choice, offering a delightful blend of flavors that mirrored the diverse group present.

Just as the event settled into a rhythm, a pleasant surprise awaited – the clock's chime ushered in live music, infusing an additional layer of charm into the day. The harmonious notes added to the sense of togetherness, weaving melodies into the tapestry of shared experiences.

With the afternoon sun casting a golden hue, farewells were exchanged, and Land Rover owners began their journeys homeward, their hearts warmed by the memories they'd created.

The success of the August Landys and Lattes was the culmination of collaborative effort. Lee's dedication to creating a welcoming environment, Henry's impeccable service that infused the air with an inviting aroma, and the unwavering support from Tanya and Andrew were all vital cogs in the wheel. A special mention must be made of Ellias and his security team, who stood firm and cordoned off our special parking bays, despite the real chance of abuse from people trying to park, and then remained to ensure the safety of our Land Rovers, allowing attendees to immerse themselves fully in the day's festivities.

As the sun continued to move across the sky, the event drew to a close. To my surprise, much more time had passed, giving testament to the fun that was had and the joys of conversations of adventure. The August Landys and Lattes at Green Bean Coffee at Boskruin Butchery and Deli etched another chapter in our Club's journey. The shared laughter, exchanged stories, and formed bonds underscored the sense of belonging that defines the Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa.

In this heartwarming gathering, Land Rover enthusiasts celebrated not just a brand, but a way of life. The event echoed with the spirit of community, reminding all that Land Rover ownership is about more than just driving; it's about forging connections and sharing experiences that endure.



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