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10 June 2023 - Simon Meanwell
A Saturday morning filled with warmth and sunshine set the stage for another remarkable Landies and Lattes event. The engines of our beloved Land Rovers roared to life as we each embarked on a journey to Gigi’s Home of the Belgian Waffle, eager to welcome our fellow LROC members.

Mike, the owner of Gg’s, opened up a paddock exclusively for us to park our Land Rovers together. Like a harmonious symphony, one after another, our Land Rovers arrived, forming an impressive lineup of 9 Defenders, 1 Series 1, and 3 Discoverys, all basking in the glorious Kyalami sunshine.

We gathered at a reserved table in the beautiful garden, embraced by the warmth of the sun, as we indulged in mouthwatering waffles, burgers, and delightful breakfast fare. The coffee flowed, and conversations ignited with passion. The unanimous verdict was that Gigi’s serves the best waffles outside of Belgium—truly a culinary delight!

The morning unfolded at a leisurely pace, with members catching up on recent adventures and sharing stories. Rick Mason captivated us all with his stunning photographs and captivating tales from his time at Land Rover’s 75th Anniversary Down Under in Australia. We were thrilled to welcome 6 Land Rover enthusiasts (non-members) who had heard about our Landies and Lattes through the grapevine. Their admiration for the LROC spirit was palpable, and they expressed a strong desire to join us again.

As the clock ticked toward lunchtime, members bid their farewells and revved their Landies, ready to embark on their journeys homeward. Another successful Landies and Lattes event was etched in our memories, confirming that these gatherings are truly gaining momentum.

We eagerly anticipate the next one in July, eagerly awaiting the chance to reunite and create new memories.

The Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa extends its heartfelt gratitude to Gigi’s Home of the Belgian Waffle for their warm hospitality and delectable offerings. Their partnership added an extra layer of delight to our event. Let the Landies and Lattes spirit thrive!



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