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Drive out to @ThePlace2B

17 September 2023 - Clint Mason
Under the embrace of clear skies and the warming sun, Landy Lovers converged at Broadacres Shopping Centre for a day that promised adventure, camaraderie, and culinary delights. The occasion? A Drive Out and Lunch event hosted by the Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa.

Paul Diessel, our gracious event host, was the first to arrive, setting the stage for a day of Land Rovers of all shapes and sizes, each brimming with drivers and passengers eager for the adventures that lay ahead.

With everyone in attendance and the temperature steadily rising, we decided it was time to hit the road and make our way to @ThePlace2B, the chosen venue for the day’s outing. A brief drivers’ briefing served as a reminder of the Club’s convoy driving rules and ensured that we had a rough idea of our destination.

As we watched the convoy of Landys leave the parking lot, we marvelled at the landscape around us. It’s hard to imagine that this area, just a stone’s throw from Lanseria Airport, will soon transform into a maze of housing estates, security complexes, and shopping malls as Johannesburg continues to expand.

Approximately 2 kilometres from the Lanseria Airport turnoff, Paul signalled with his right indicator, indicating that our delicious lunch was just around the corner at @ThePlace2B. We meandered along the dirt road, passing scattered houses as we made our way to the venue.

Upon arrival, our Landy convoy lined up, creating the perfect backdrop for a magnificent photographic opportunity. With photos captured, attendees migrated to a long table thoughtfully set aside for the Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa. Seats reserved, it didn’t take long for Club members to explore the restaurant and bar area, admiring a remarkable collection of fly-fishing antiques that adorned the space.

As members returned to the table, conversations flowed, and stories of adventure filled the air. It was the kind of camaraderie that truly defines our Club, where like-minded Land Rover enthusiasts connect and share their passion.

Before long, delicious food and refreshing drinks graced our tables, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the event. The day evolved, and for those eager to catch the Springboks facing Romania, it was evident that we were in for a memorable match viewing on the big screen.

The event was a showcase of South African spirit – from Land Rovers to delectable cuisine, engaging conversations, and a resounding win for the South African Springboks. It was an unforgettable day that embodied the essence of our Club.

As the afternoon gracefully transitioned into early evening, Landys began to depart, each carrying their occupants – enthusiastic Land Rover Owners – along with cherished memories of another fantastic event.

2023It’s moments like these that remind us of the vibrant Land Rover community that makes our Club truly exceptional.

In conclusion, the Drive Out and Lunch event was a resounding success, offering a blend of adventure, camaraderie, and culinary delights. As we look forward to future gatherings, we remain grateful for the remarkable Land Rover community that makes every event a memorable experience. Until next time, may your Landys keep rolling, and may the adventures never cease!



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