A Proud History

It all began when Frank Dandridge and Reg Whitley bought their first Land Rovers and met through the agents at the time, Fischer & Simmonds.

Frank Dandridge was 47 years old and worked at SAA as an aircraft maintenance engineer and owned a 1957 Series I Short Wheel Base station wagon. Reg Whitley was 48 years old and worked as a diamond cutter and machinist and owned a 1960 Series II Long Wheel Base station wagon. Both lived in Kensington and remained faithful members for the rest of their lives.

The first 10 members all lived in Kensington or Malvern. They were introduced to Bill Siebert, the owner of a safari company in Bechuanaland. (He had a 1960 LWB Hard Top). Bill’s slides on his various trips and trophies as well as his stories on the rallies he had attended in Solihull, resulted in the formation of a Southern African Land Rover Owners’ club. The first meeting was held on 20 July 1960. The next committee meeting was held on 16 August 1960, at which the committee was expanded to 6 members.

Practical advice from the Secretary, J.D. Tracey, of the Land Rover Owners’ Club of Great Britain helped them with the details and in September 1960 the first eleven members put their money on the table. The entrance fee was 5 shillings (R0.50) and the annual subscription was 1 Guinea (R2.10).

Thus the Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa was officially formed.

Our Objectives


Bringing together the owners of Land Rovers.


Organizing functions for members.


Encouraging members in the proper use & maintenance of their Land Rovers.

Who Are We

The oldest 4×4 club in Southern Africa, LROC is a family-orientated club, exclusively for Land Rover enthusiasts.

The club was formed in 1960 by a handful of like-minded people who were passionate about their Land Rovers and wanted to enjoy all the benefits of owning a Land Rover. Over the years many of the faces have changed, as have the vehicles themselves, but the basic reasons for the existence of the club still remain. These include bringing together the owners of Land Rovers, organizing events for members and encouraging members in the proper use and maintenance of their Land Rovers.

The Club is based in the Gauteng region of South Africa, but has ‘country’ and ‘overseas’ members almost spanning the globe. The current membership is around the 500 mark, representing (at last count) some 900 Land Rovers of all ages, shapes and sizes. Although most of the official correspondence tends to be in English, the club has a substantial Afrikaans membership and many other languages are also spoken.

Over the past decade or so, the club has gone from strength to strength and is recognized in the industry as one of the most prestigious off-road clubs to be associated with, renowned for its good conduct and always striving to ensure that its members will be welcomed back to venues it has visited.

Ansie Blignaut


Ansie’s family, the Blikkies, joined LROC in 2005. She firmly believes Land Rovers are the only real 4x4s and don’t need 4x4 decals. Her vision for the Club is to get all members to use their Landies as they were meant to be used.

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Jacques Beard

Vice Chairperson/Radio Officer

After breathing some life back into the LROC social media as PRO in 2016, Jacques took over the reigns as Vice Chairman at the beginning of 2017. Jacques is responsible for supporting the Chairman in the day to day running of the club as well as producing the monthly newsletter.

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Malcolm Timberlake

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Dana Cloete

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Johan Kriek

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Lizette Beard

Quartermaster/Trophy Secretary
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Jonathan Bydendyk

Membership Secretary
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Alida Timberlake

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Hennie Steyn

Clerk of Events
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Brendon Lowe

Driver Trainer
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