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Summer Trial (2019)

05 February 2020 - Pieter Greyling
The last trial for the 2019 season also marked the last trail of the old format where the trial took place the day after training on the Sunday. This however didn’t mean the trial was to be a slow and easy trial. The good amount of rain over December and January made certain we would have some slippery tracks for the day. The group of 10 land rover where all on time and we had one of the easiest scrutineering sessions yet as members had everything lined up just right. A big thank you to all members who took note of the trial rules and scrutineering requirements.

With formalities taken care of, we could finally take a walk through the days trial with obstacles gradually getting more challenging as the trial progressed. There were a few jaws that lowered slightly when their gaze met the final obstacle. It looked to be a serious challenge but not anything the Landys on the day couldn’t tackle, more on that later.  Some seemingly easy obstacles where made that bit harder by the rains the morning before. As always, the trial produced some great photo opportunities as well as the low range action the regular trial goers seem to know and love.

It wasn’t too long until we had our first stricken vehicle of the day. A very eye catching red 110 had slipped off the log bridge to come to a rest on its front axle. After a quick pull didn’t quite do the job it was decided that we would make use of some logs, maxtrax, hi-lift jack and another Landy attached to the rear for some help. With all hands-on deck it wasn’t long before Landy was out and taking on the very obstacle it had lost its footing on. A true example of getting back onto the horse. A big thanks to Rob, Bruce and Martin who were invaluable in assisting in the recovery and making sure all bystanders were safe. It was a great way to showcase an improvised recovery in a unique situation while still adhering to all safety regulations. Good show all round!

As ever us Landy folk tend to get excited when there is a challenging obstacle before us and this was no different. As all trial participants and marshals were either busy helping with the recovery or spectating, a cheeky series 2a snuck off to the lost obstacle to test its metal. As it would turn out, it got stuck and we were again summoned to do a quick recovery. Not being as complicated as the previous but being at the bottom of a hill it had its own challenges. We had to join three recovery straps to get a Landy in place at the top of the hill to pull the stricken series to solid ground. Those interested to know what the proper way to join recover straps is I highly recommend you attend recovery training. You might just learn a few tricks to make getting unstuck as enjoyable as getting stuck.

The last obstacle that I hope to be an indication of what is to come in trials, went off smoothly and with members impressed with what both they and their Landys could achieve with just a bit of belief. The right line and some right boot also didn’t go amiss. It was all smiles and cheers every time a Landy would pop over the crest, a spirit that we are trying to carry over in future events. The next trial will again be at Base4, solely for the fact that the new members braai is the day after. Don’t be discouraged by the repeat venue as the Night trial is a whole different kettle of fish.


Trial Results:


1 Phillip Myburg Defender 110 38 points
2 Mike Eager Discovery 3 58 points
3 Paul Diesel Defender 110 63 points



1 Alex Zanella Defender 90 49 points
2 Kevin Eborall Td5 90 104 points



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