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2019 Kiddies Trial

01 February 2020 - Coenie Du Toit
This year the annual kiddies trial was held at Rust De Winter, just North of Pretoria.

Although this event was well supported in the past, this year we only had two participants.

Coenraad and Miané du Toit took part in the trial, all thanks to Pieter that build them a trial that they will remember in the years to come.

Coenraad had the courage to take the wheel all by himself with his Dad sitting left, guiding him through the gates. Miané took the wheel, with Dad handling the pedals.

At the end Miané walked away with the Kiddies Trophy with a score of 53 with Coenraad just behind her, with a score of 59.

Although it would have been more fun if some of their friends have joined them, they still had a blast on the trial.



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