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Uniting for Adventure and Conservation

01 June 2024 - Clint Mason
An exceptional opportunity awaits our members as we unite to support fellow Club Member Andre Vester in his latest Expo endeavor. Andre’s unyielding passion for the Club, Land Rovers, and adventure sets the stage for an extraordinary journey where our collective efforts will not only celebrate our shared enthusiasm but also serve a noble cause. Through Andre’s initiative, we are privileged to augment the Club’s contributions to the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) in support of their remarkable rewilding efforts in the Soutpansberg region. This collaboration not only amplifies our commitment to conservation but also underscores the power of community-driven action in safeguarding our natural heritage for future generations.

Nestled within the rugged terrain and boundless horizons of Southern Africa, the Land Rover Owners Club has long stood as a beacon of camaraderie and adventure for enthusiasts of the Landy 4x4 lifestyle. Since its inception, our Club has been at the forefront of supporting and nurturing the vibrant community of off-road enthusiasts across the region. From humble beginnings to our current standing, our unwavering dedication to the ethos of adventure has been a driving force behind numerous initiatives aimed at fostering a deeper connection to the great outdoors and promoting responsible off-road exploration.

Over the years, our Club’s participation in various endeavors has manifested in diverse shapes and forms, reflecting our adaptability and commitment to the values that define us. It’s always a gratifying experience to engage in initiatives that resonate deeply with the ethos of our Club, serving as an extension of our collective passion for adventure, exploration, and community spirit. This sentiment is particularly amplified when our involvement also extends a helping hand to a fellow Club member, reinforcing the bonds of friendship and solidarity that lie at the heart of our community. As we embark on yet another collaborative effort, we embrace the opportunity to not only contribute to the greater good but also to strengthen the fabric of our Club through shared experiences and mutual support.

Some readers may already know Andre Vester, a fellow member of our Club and a devoted Land Rover enthusiast whose passion for adventure knows no bounds. Throughout the years, Andre has curated memorable Land Rover and adventure-centric events, ranging from Club gatherings to large-scale commercial spectacles. Among these, one event stands out as a beacon of celebration for many of our members: the Landy Fest. This vibrant festival, dedicated to embracing and honoring the Land Rover lifestyle, has left an indelible mark on our collective consciousness, serving as a testament to Andre’s unwavering dedication and the enduring allure of the Land Rover legacy.

More recently, Andre has embarked on an exciting new venture, broadening his commercial horizons beyond the realm of Land Rovers to explore the dynamic landscape of outdoor and adventure experiences. We sincerely hope that his venture into carving out a niche in the vibrant outdoor market will lead to resounding success. With his trademark passion, determination, and innovative spirit, we have every confidence that Andre will not only succeed but also leave an indelible mark on the outdoor and adventure community, much like he has within the Land Rover fraternity. We extend our warmest wishes to Andre as he sets forth on this exhilarating journey.

As a devoted Land Rover enthusiast and active Club Member, Andre approached the Club’s Executive Team with a vision inspired by the successful collaboration witnessed during the Landy Fest. His goal was to ensure that his deep-rooted passion for Land Rovers was authentically represented in the upcoming event, which embraces a more inclusive format. Simultaneously, he sought to create an ideal platform for our Club to engage with a broader audience of Land Rover fans, fostering connections and celebrating our shared enthusiasm for adventure on and off the road.

As discussions progressed, a unique and exhilarating opportunity for collaboration between the Club and the Expo began to emerge. While the Outdoor and Adventure Expo primarily serves as a commercial venture for Andre, his steadfast resolve to refrain from profiteering from fellow LROC Members was clear. Exploring various options to honor this stance, it became evident that an awesome utilization of the funds generated through direct Club and Club Member support could be designated for a noble cause. Specifically, this support would be directed towards a charitable initiative aimed at giving back to the natural world that we cherish and explore. This collaborative approach not only reinforces our commitment to community and environmental stewardship but also aligns seamlessly with our shared values as adventurers and conservationists.

In recent months, the Club has undertaken various efforts to align with truly special opportunities, one of which is the support of the EWT’s rewilding efforts at Mediki in the Soutpansberg. This promising project holds a prominent place in the Club’s engagement efforts, and it’s noteworthy that it holds a special significance in Andre’s heart as well. Thus, directing all the funds generated through Club Member involvement towards this beneficial project in support of the EWT is a natural and meaningful conclusion.

Our Club is also being extended the opportunity to showcase its vibrant spirit and rich heritage with a complimentary Expo Stand at the event. This dedicated space serves as a hub for greater interactivity and connectivity, providing a platform for Club Members to engage with fellow Landy Enthusiasts and the broader 4x4 community. Notably, we will be joined by the EWT, who will also have a complimentary expo stand next to ours. This partnership underscores the significant relationship forming between our Club and the EWT, amplifying our shared commitment to environmental stewardship and conservation efforts.

Under this exceptional offer, all Club Members who wish to join can enjoy a unique weekend camping experience just outside of Johannesburg and Pretoria for R250 per vehicle for the entire weekend. This special rate applies per vehicle for paid-up LROC Members only, with a maximum of 4 people (pax) per vehicle. The fees are being collected by the Club and not the Expo or organizer, and all moneys collected will be going to a charitable project at EWT’s Madike reserve. It’s important to note that this special offer is exclusively available to members participating in the Expo for the entire weekend. This restriction is necessary due to the logistical challenges of managing an estimated 15,000 Expo Visitors. Andre has implemented streamlined processes to ensure a smooth experience for attendees, and this offer is tailored to accommodate the needs of weekend participants.

Andre is transforming a designated area into the Landy Village, an electrifying hub located near the edge of the adventure 4x4 track he’s constructing. This track, an exhilarating man-made obstacle course, promises to be the ultimate playground for thrill-seekers looking to put their machines to the test. It has been proposed that an expert team, formed from members of the Club, will be at the helm, ensuring every moment on the track is a pulse-pounding experience. Plus, Andre has further proposed that the funds generated from participants eager to conquer the course will power our shared mission, driving the charitable endeavors to greater heights!

In addition to managing the track, the expert team is set to lead outdrives across the farm, offering routes suitable for all types of adventure vehicles. These outdrives promise spectacular views and are estimated to last between 1 to 2 hours, allowing participants to soak in the scenery at a leisurely off-road pace. Furthermore, the funds generated from these outdrives will also be donated by Andre to contribute to the pool of funds being generously donated in support of the Clubs 2024 EWT charitable endeavors. This is truly a tremendous opportunity to grow significant funding for a remarkable cause!

Last weekend, a mission was undertaken to explore the event grounds at B’Sorah, situated in Broederstroom near Hartebeespoort Dam. This initiative marks the first step in the Club’s commitment to supporting Andre. We are in the process of forming a dedicated team tasked with assisting in the planning and evaluation processes. Our goal is to ensure that all necessary due diligence and planning are completed effectively, positioning the Club to offer the support required for the success of Andre’s endeavor.

Over the following week, efforts to connect with our Legal and Insurance advisors will be undertaken in order that all aspects and considerations are made, such marking the start of the administrative efforts necessary to offer support. Members wishing to be included in the operational team are encouraged to connect with Madeleine our Club Administrator in order that she can begin formulating a list. The finalized team will be given free entry for the weekend, as well as T-Shirts and other goodies.

Throughout the upcoming week, we will be reaching out to our Legal and Insurance advisors to ensure that all necessary aspects and considerations are addressed. This marks the beginning of our administrative efforts to provide support for the event. The operational team will also be spending a weekend at the farm before the event to familiarize with the track, trails, and facilities. Event Officials will receive T-Shirts and other goodies as part of the official event regalia as well as free entry for the weekend.

In light of the exceptional opportunity extended to us by Andre, we’re calling on all members to prepare for an unforgettable Expo Adventure. This unique offer isn’t just about excitement; it’s about making a meaningful impact. By participating, our Club not only adds to the vibrancy of the event but also allows the Club to combine financial contributions with physical efforts of support, amplifying our impact on causes that preserve the natural world we cherish. It’s a chance for us to come together, not only as enthusiasts but as stewards of the environment we love to explore. Let’s gear up and make a real difference!



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