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Technical Day at Safari Centre

01 August 2018 - Brendon Lowe
With the weather looking rather bleak and the next cold front looming on the horizon, nothing could dampen the expectations of the 22 LROC club members as they pulled into the Centurion Safari Centre parking lot just before 9am.

Luckily our host, Rick Simons, was there with a cup of hot coffee and rusks to make sure everyone felt right at home. We kicked off just after 9am with a very interesting presentation by C-Tek, the leaders in battery charging systems. With all the questions we only moved onto the next talk at around 10h30 when Enertec took us through the latest innovations in the battery market and explained the key differences between deep cycle lead acid batteries and AGM batteries - and how to take care of them. Again this was an extremely interesting presentation and even the most knowledgeable of fundi’s learnt a great deal about the do’s and don’ts of battery maintenance on the day.

Next up were EFS where JC took us through their aftermarket suspension offering, lighting systems and winches. Lastly Court from T-Mart took us through some interesting technical stuff on the all new BF-KO2’s and BF’s newly released mud tyre option. As there was not much time left, we decided it may be a good idea to dedicate a whole day to tyres and tyre-talk in the future, so watch the newsletters for this!

Just before we left we were treated with yummy boerie rolls by the Safari Centre team and cooldrinks sponsored by Tyre-Mart. 10% Discounts were on offer on anything purchased on the day! Thanks again to Centurion Safari Centre, C-Tek, Enertec, EFS and Tyre-Mart for taking the time to share their products and some very valuable technical info with us. We all enjoyed the morning immensely!

Thanks also to all the LROC members that attended! I have sent all the relevant contact info of the different presenter’s details to you.



Jonathan Bydendyk - 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Pity I missed this one, looks like it was a great day.

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