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Spring Breakfast Run

20 September 2019 - Jonathan Bydendyk
Although not a typical sunny and warm spring day, there was hope in the air that spring would arrive soon and we could finally start looking forward to summer.

A group of about 10 vehicles and 20 adults and children kicked off the day by setting up near the main dam at Hobby Park in Krugersdorp and cooking up some breakfast, some of us, admittedly I was one, opted for a packed breakfast.

After breakfast we drove the eco trail, which in my opinion was a tad boring, however it was a chance to get the Landies dusty and in the mood for the action trail. Once we got back to reception a group of us drove the action trail which got the adrenaline up but at the same time offered some practical off-road experience for all of us.

Overall it was a great day out, thanks to everyone who attended.




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