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Social Night - The Mad Nomad

12 June 2019 - Brendon Lowe
Our annual LROC social Night Out was held at a local Turkish restaurant called ‘The Mad Nomad’ located in the Mall of Africa in Midrand on Saturday evening 1st of June. Twelve members attended the evening and it was good to see some old and some newer faces too. In addition, four committee members also attended – thanks for your support! The food and service were excellent and a wonderful evening was enjoyed by all.

An evening such as this never goes by without a unique story being told and Janet Fletcher relayed to us her story of how she ended up getting to the venue on this particular evening. On her way there, and not quite sure of the exact route to follow, she duly ended up behind an arbitrary Defender that seemed to be going in the same direction as the venue and eagerly waved at the unsuspecting occupants at a traffic light – who reluctantly returned the friendly wave! At some stage the ‘lead’ vehicle, by now highly suspicious of the ‘old lady’ in her Defender 90, turned off the main road and she duly followed suit. When the Defender eventually stopped, Janet jumped out and asked the driver where he was going. The driver, by now, obviously - and quite understandably - highly confused at this strange behaviour, told her he was in fact NOT going to the LROC Night Out, but he knew where the Mall of Africa was and would take her there. Overwhelmed by the friendliness of the Defender driver, a male in his early forties, says Janet, she spontaneously gave him a huge ‘Landy hug’ in full view of his wife and kids still waiting in the vehicle, probably dumbstruck by what they were witnessing…

The now friendly Defender driver promptly hopped back into his vehicle and lead Janet all the way to the Mall. Before parting ways, she again got out of the vehicle to thank the Good Samaritan, once again dishing out her now famous ‘Landy hug’ and unexpectedly on the receiving end of a hug from the driver’s wife! And there they were, total strangers, united only under the Defender family flag, hugging one another in front of the Mall of Africa on a busy street corner!

Well, needless to say, Janet made it to the restaurant on time and shared this very delightful story with us. I’m sure the Defender Samaritan couldn’t wait to share this story around his next braai fire...

Well done Janet, keep the Defender flag flying high and the stories coming in.

Thanks to everyone that enjoyed the evening with us and to Amaré Schutte for the LROC coffee mugs and succulents you prepared as gifts for everyone.



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