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Driver Training: Fundamentals of off-road driving

04 February 2020 - Pieter Greyling
Early Saturday morning the day could only be described as wet, cold and miserable. Fortunately as participants starting rolling in, the clouds took note and starting rolling by to reveal yet another perfect day for some Landy fun. The 12 Land Rovers attending the days events looked just as ready as all the participants to sharpen there skills and learn a few tricks along the way.

Getting to grips with some good communication training was first on the agenda with Radio procedures, hand signals and convoy driving beginning the training. It wasn’t long before some more hotly debated topics such as mud-terrain vs all-terrain tyres were underway. Tyres being such an important topic we always tend to take our time here to ensure everyone is that little bit wiser than before. The vast array of traction aids and 4x4 systems Land rover has had on offer meant members could get to know a bit more on how other Landy’s get down and dirty. This was demonstrated perfectly when participants got a chance to put their new found theoretical knowledge to the test through some  practical exercises.

Discovery 4’s lead the technological charge while the Defenders were left demonstrating some mechanical efficiency in off-roading. The discovers demonstrated how a sophisticated terrains response system could get you through almost anything. Defenders did quite the opposite with wheels staying in contact with the ground as far as possible through with some impressive articulation. Through the numerous defenders present on the day we had a chance to see how these beasts evolved and what could be done to them. From open-axle 90s to 110’s with lockers and even one of the last 130s equipped with an impressive traction control system.

As with most training days the practical portion makes for some soon to be overcome nerves and ever-present excitement. Side slopes and reverse hills starts will get even some of the more experienced off-roaders to break a sweat while all the participants sailed through with some electing to repeat the exercise to make sure they don’t miss out.

The days bleak start soon faded from memory with sunshine and dusty Landy’s making for a good day out. We look forward to seeing some new faces and some old members for a quick refresher course in the next training sessions.



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