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Defender InnerCircle Reveal

03 March 2020 - Clint Mason
03 03 2020, that’s the date that 50 lucky LROC members converged on the Land Rover Experience Centre in Lone Hill to witness the unveiling of the much anticipated, new Land Rover Defender. The Experience Centre parking-lot was filled with Land Rovers, more Land Rovers than anyone at the Experience Centre had seen for a very long while (some even admitted that they had never seen so many Land Rovers in the parking lot...ever!).

We arrived to the now familiar shape (yes familiar because as Landy Lovers we have consumed every single available image of the new Defender, so we know its shape) wrapped in a shroud and you could feel the anticipation for the reveal in the air. With so many traditionalists present, even the new Defender must have been feeling the pressure.

After briefly being distracted by a short promotional video, the shroud was pulled back to reveal a beautifully  shaped and gorgeous coloured Defender 110... although I am bias, I have liked the new Defender since I sat glued to my computer screen watching YouTube as the new Defender was unveiled to the world at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and I haven’t been shy about my feelings either. Before you grab your pitch forks, I still love the traditional Defender and yes, I agree that Land Rover had many roads that they chose not to follow, and yes the new Defender is Luxury not Utility, but in my opinion its still a very sexy vehicle, one which I would be very happy to add to my garage (or lounge for that matter)!

For some, the soft lines and modern curves of the new Defender are simply too far away from its traditional design, to others it was sexy enough to lick! But regardless of sentiment, there was a flurry of activity as everyone there got in on the action.

Back seat, Front Seat, Drivers Seat... Doors opened..doors shut! Lights on. Lights off. Lights on. Lights off... Windows down. Windows up. Windows down. Windows... halfway! Fingerprints from the very front of the vehicle, right to the very back. It was a chaos of activity as members rushed around investigating every nook, every cranny! Some even took the opportunity to look behind the veil, removing the engine cover to have a good look at whats under the hood.

I must admit that I was less than useless and didn’t do any practical assessments of the vehicle, but I am pleased to report that there were many of our members who took a pragmatic approach to the InnerCircle Reveal, getting down on hands and knees to look at recovery points and where the jack would fit. Hopefully I will bump into them again and they can tell me a little more about the practicalities of the vehcile, because all I can tell you is, she is stunning!

For those that were hoping for more photos and more feedback, it’s coming, but you will have to keep an eye out for the next edition of LandRoving, where I will get granular with the new Defender, and how it was introduced to the Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa, a Club with 60 years of proud history and love for an amazing vehcile.



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