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Braai & Boot Sale 2019

28 June 2019 - Clint Mason
Our annual Braai and Boot sale took place on a chilly Sunday morning, 23 June 2019, at a new venue in the western part of Gauteng, The Wedge, in Muldersdrift. Early bird members began arriving before the sun had even had a chance to defrost the ground, with additional members filling up the allocated area throughout the early morning.

Members were quick to set up, with devices, apparatus, equipment and spares of all shapes and sizes soon on display, including a newly restored Land Rover Defender 90, which was on sale. There was feverish activity throughout the morning at the Land Rover Owners Club Regalia stand where our new Regalia was on offer.

There was something for everyone, from Discovery seats to custom built shelves and roof rack accessories. There was even motorbike gear for sale. Jakob Jordaan was proudly showing off some equipment that looked like it came from the 1960’s space race and even after explaining it to some members, it still didn’t make much sense.

The camaraderie between members and non-members alike, was fantastic to see. Everyone was chatting with everyone, with deals being made left, right and centre. Shortly after twelve o’clock the fires were lit, and we all gathered around the hot coals sharing stories with one another like old friends. Land Rover owners always have the most interesting and exciting tales of adventure and it’s always awesome being around a fire listening to everyone recount their amazing stories.

As the sun began to dip and the chill in the air began to return, it was time for most to begin packing up and get ready to go home. There were, of course, some who braved the cold to continue chatting and enjoy the time with one another, but shortly after 4pm most of the gazebos had been packed and returned to their vehicles and people were waving as they began their drive home.

To all the members who were able to join us, thank you. It was a fantastic day with fantastic deals made, stories shared, friendships forged, and a good time had by all. We look forward to seeing you all at future events. Until then, live the adventure! We look forward to hearing about it around the fire.



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