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02 February 2020 - Coenie Du Toit
The last LROC activity for 2019 took place on 8 December 2019, before everyone started to head in their own directions for the festive season. This year we headed to Dinokeng Game reserve, just north of Pretoria.

11 Land Rovers met at the Total Petroport, where some of us grabbed a quick coffee to get some heat as it was raining. It was here that old friends met and new friends were made, before driving off in convoy, heading North in the direction of Hammanskraal.

This year we were joined by LROC’s magazine Editor Clint, who made sure that the days awesome activities were captured on camera. The wet weather certainly made for some fun times and magnificent photographic opportunities.
Arriving at Dinokeng, we all sat down to have breakfast together and had all the time to catch up on the year that had past and to share our plans for the upcoming festive season.

After breakfast we all said our goodbyes, but some of us decided to take a self-drive through the reserve in the hope to see some game and as it was still raining, have a little fun in the mud. We were fortunate to have seen some small game but not as much as we have hoped for. After the drive we had a quick stop next to the road, wishing each other goodbye and blessings for the festive season.



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