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2019 Winter Trial

19 July 2019 - Pieter Greyling
The annual winter trial took place at Rust de winter, a venue renowned for its myriad of off-road obstacles. A characteristic that was widely exploited when designing this years winter trial. The trial was set up by none other than LROC’s own Chairman, Jakob Jordaan. Jakob had previously served as Clerk of Events for many years and it clearly showed in the reaction of many a participant upon wisely first walking the trial. The trial was going undoubtedly going to be tight, just how tight the participants would only find out after nudging their Landys noses through the first gate.

The proceedings could however only start after everyone had signed the indemnity, paid their fees and had their vehicles scrutinized for trial worthiness. A great excuse to have a look at everyone else’s Landys while waiting for the fun to start. The rules and regulations followed by a short driver briefing was the last order of business before the engines could start rumbling into life to take on the days challenges. A few participants tyres could still be heard deflating as the first Landys started making their way to their designated obstacles.

Participants where set off at different gates to ensure there was no waiting about or bored faces. Some participants were greeted with immediate tight off-camber turns that would prove to cause a few uneasy moments for some members. Those who attended the previous days fundamental off-road training took to the off-camber driving likes ducks to water, no doubt due to the careful guidance of the trainers. While participants at other gates had a rude awakening in the form of a cross-axle decent into the river below. After the first few vehicles had passed these gates the nerves began to settle with the reassuring notion that any and all Land Rovers present where more than up to the task of conquering the obstacles set out before them. As the confidence grew amongst the days participants so did the smiles, a common occurrence at trial events.

Trepidation set aside, participants started to focus on missing those pesky poles on this very tight trial that still lay before them. Various techniques came into play for the different vehicles with disco3&4 using their reverse and side cameras, defenders using their narrow width and for some their co-drivers proved to be vital. Despite the fierce concentration and various techniques employed the poles tumbled one after the other with little discretion as to what type of land rover was best suited to this particular trial. After all was said and done a lot of fun was had by all and a tough trial provided some great moments to look back on.

Thank you to all participants, hope to see you all at the next trial event!



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