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2019 Winter Driver Training

19 July 2019 - Pieter Greyling
An early arrival at Rust De Winter on a crisp Saturday morning on 29 June 2019, was the start of a serious days learning for Club members who were braving the chill to participate in the Driver Training Fundamentals.

As the sun tiptoed ever higher into the morning sky, and members thawed in its glow, it was time to get a little serious about Landy’s and their fantastic capabilities. The Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa has an outstanding driver training framework, designed specifically to empower owners with a competent understanding of the vehicles they own, drive and make memories in.

It didn’t take Pieter Greyling long before he was well into his first presentation as the new driver trainer for The Land Rover Owners Club Of Southern Africa. He was followed by Club Chairman, Jakob Jordaan, whom has been involved in the driver training program since the dawn of time. The third member of the team was Gerry Myburgh – another familiar face in the driver training program. For the rest of the morning the three of them tag teamed the delivery of critical Landy knowledge, from tyre pressure to functions of the differentials, the effect of axel twisters on solid axel vehicles and even the truth about how the Land Rover Traction Control actually works – and how to get the very best out of it. After much page turning and drawing on the white board it was time to put all that theory into practice. Bur first, it was time for a bite to eat.

After lunch, Jakob lead the charge manoeuvring his Disco 1 over some of the obstacles that participants would soon themselves be driving. After carefully positioning his vehicle he would dispel words of wisdom to the onlookers. You could see the enthusiasm and excitement in everyone’s faces. They knew that in a few short moments it would be them and their vehicles tackling these obstacles.

And then it was time! Time for everyone to hop into their vehicles and put their knowledge to the test. The obstacles included a series of axel-twisters, side slopes, and even a reverse stall recovery. With each obstacle manned by one of the Driver Trainers, Club members began to apply the theory, with words of encouragement and support offered throughout their attempt.

As the sun began to head towards the horizon in the west, it was time for all to pack-up. Most of the Club members in attendance would be joining the Club again the following day for the Driver Trials, an environment designed to push drivers to apply their knowledge and skills. Some had chosen to brave the cold and stay in Rust De Winter’s camp grounds, others had opted for the warmer choice of a brick and mortar accommodation at some of the accommodation venues in the nearby vicinity.



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