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Sandwani Weekend Away

13 June 2019 - Coenie Du Toit
The beginning of May signals our annual Sandwani Weekend Away and this year it was scheduled for the weekend of 3 to 5 May and hosted by Jacques and Lizette Beard.

Although we were less vehicles than normal (probably because it was not a long weekend) we still had a lot of fun, playing on the obstacles in the quarry and enjoying the game roaming freely around the park. We had the opportunity to make new friends and on Saturday night we sat around the campfire, just enjoying each other’s company.

On Saturday afternoon it was also time for the annual Tortoise run, which is held over a 1/4 mile distance. The participants get to walk beside their vehicles, steering the vehicle through the window and the winner is......the one with the slowest vehicle. This year’s winner was Coenie du Toit in a Discovery 4, TDV6. Well done Coenie!

Thanks to all that made it to Sandwani and we hope to see some new faces at the next Tortoise run.



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