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Overlanding & Environmental Awareness

23 May 2019 - Brendon Lowe
On Saturday morning 25 May we held our fourth annual session of our ‘Module 4 : Overlanding and Environmental Awareness’ training at Base 4 near Centurion. In total there were no less than 32 vehicles and 48 members in attendance who were eager to improve their general overlanding knowledge and just keen to find out more about overland travel in Africa.

Mike Ilsley, Jakob Jordaan and Brendon Lowe presented a wide variety of material with topics ranging from packing your vehicle, towing trailers, useful accessories, using two-way radios and GPS’s to some handy tips on preparing for border crossings.

In addition to this there were several LROC members who volunteered to display their Defenders, Disco 1’s, 2’s and 3’s to showcase the overlanding kit on their vehicles – this provided participants with several good examples of which accessories are tried and tested for overland travel before going out and buying everything the salesman will throw at you!

The day ended at about 16h00 and was thoroughly enjoyed by all present. Thanks to those that attended, those that eagerly displayed their vehicles and especially to Mike and Jakob for making themselves available to co-present this module.



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