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2019 Night Trial

29 August 2019 - Jakob Jordaan
Shortly after dark, the participants took an interesting convoy drive to get to the start of the trial, which had been set up in record time, by Jakob and Pieter. In the convoy were Defenders, Discoveries and even an Evoque. After arriving at the start of the trial, it was time for the nitty-gritty formalities to be completed, after which the participants would partake in a guided walk through the course, in pitch darkness, to get an idea of what lay ahead! And what a course it was!

The trial trail began by entering into a dry river donga, and then proceeded to crisscross the riverbed along a single track up the embankments and into the bushes on either side. It offered its fair share of interesting obstacles, so much more fun in the dark! This was an excellent practical experience and learning curve as part of the Driver Training program. Spirits were high and there was fantastic comradery amongst the marshals & participants. It really was good fun!

Congratulations to all the participants who completed the trial and a special word of thanks to Pieter for his help with the building of the Trial and Emlyn Bul who donated an additional prize for the overall trial winner. To Pieter, Clint and Coenie, thank you for assisting as marshals at the event. It as been a while since all the marshals have been committee members.



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