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2019 New Members Bring & Braai

14 May 2019 - Brendon Lowe
The LROC Committee decided that this year we would introduce something new on the LROC calendar – we, the committee, needed to make an effort to meet with the newer members in our club with the intention of formally welcoming them to the club and telling them about our various activities and events. This would also be a good opportunity to engage with new members to find out why they joined the club and what their expectations were when signing up.

The date decided on was Wednesday 1 May 2019 and being a public holiday we knew this would give many families a reason to get out for the day and meet fellow club members. And so it was, no less than 20 vehicles and 63 members arrived with their families at Base 4 near Centurion for a good old ‘Bring & Braai’ in their trusted Landys, of course.

The initial slow start to the event soon erupted in much laughter and good cheer as people started to relax and make new friends. The order of the day was discussing their Land Rovers and why they owned them. By 4pm lunch was officially over and some members headed back home while others just could not pack up just yet – there was so much to talk about!

For the committee, this event was a great success and we will certainly be working on more such events in the near future.
Thanks to all our members that attended and we sincerely hope you now feel more at home in the club than before. However we would like to see you at future events, so watch the newsletter and come and join us for some endless driving fun!



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