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2019 Loskop Weekend Away

30 November 2019 - Attie Smit
LROC members got to enjoy another excellent Loskop Weekend Away, hosted by event organiser Attie Smith between 15 and 17 February 2019. The event is quickly becoming a popular annual event with extremely positive feedback received from members who attended.

Most had already arrived as the sun drifted slowly below the horizon. The shady green lawn, right on the riverbank, welcomes you to a spectacular campsite and invites you to sit down and relax. I wish that I could sit right there, on the banks of that river on that lush green lawn, every Friday. What an end to a week that would be!

Of the 17 vehicles present, 10 left the camp on Saturday morning for Diepkloof. We have not ventured into this area over the past 4 years due to the extensive Civil Works undertaken in the area, building roads and dams. The site of the big fig tree was in a sorry state and I was convinced that we will never see it again.

To our pleasant surprise, new routes have been developed taking you to new lookout points and we saw more game than during all the previous drives put together. The first half is completely new and we visited a bush camp with good facilities as well as a lookout point, situated up high in the mountain.

In contrast to our drive in previous years, we approached the Big Tree from the opposite direction and after a quick visit, we began the non-stop assent to 1 433 m above sea level. From there the route connects to you to the old route, however you drive it in the opposite direction. This made for an interesting descent.

Those who had decided to remain in camp were treated to a crocodile sighting as it swam past the campsite. The rest of Saturday afternoon was spent in the shade of campsite trees or in the swimming pool. Ryan Henry brought a small rubber duck and cruised the banks in an attempt to catch fish with spinners.

On Sunday some left early, others stayed to spent the day, relaxing in the shade or swimming pool.

Once again, a sincere thank you to Hendry Pieterse for allowing us on his farm. To Charl (the game ranger on Diepkloof) and Pieter de la Port, thank you for making the visit to Diepkloof possible. Thanks to all who attended. As in the past the monies collected for the drive, went to Rusoord Old Age Home in Marble Hall.

From the feedback received, I am convinced that another visit, possibly to drive some of on the other trails we haven’t driven as yet and camp at the bush camp, is something to consider. Watch this space for the next one under the big tree.



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