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01 February 2020 - Clint Mason
It was all about the kiddies (both young and old) at LROC’s 2019 Christmas Part, which was held at Rust De Winter from 31 November to 01 December 2019. With fun, games and treasure hunts brilliantly planned by the Myburgh family, there was no time for dull moments.

There was certainly no shortage of energy either. When planned activities where over a makeshift cricket pitch became the place to be, with bowlers, batters and fielders showing off their skills, dives and speed in what would eventually turn out to be a Day/Night game, involving most!

Santa arrived spectacularly on the back of a Series Landy, much to the delight of the children and an adult who made sure that he was in line for a Christmas gift, much to the amusement of the children who jostled him for position, ensuring that the got their fair share of the spoils.

Club member Simon Meanwell ensured that the adults didn’t leave empty handed either, providing a bag full of delicious Fairview cheese to each there. Once Santa was finished handing out the bags of delicious goodies to all the adults, it was back onto the Series for a quick farewell with which he left for the North Pole.

The heat of the day certainly made its presence felt and on more than one occasion Members of all ages would escape to the relative sanctuary of the pool waters at the camp site. I say relative sanctuary because even the pool water had been warmed by the relentless heat.

The temperatures eased with the setting of the sun, and with that Members who were camping began to make use of the braai facilities. It wasn’t long before the magical smell of the braai wafted across the camp site. With the kiddies involved in the seriousness of the Day/Night cricket match, adults began chatting away, enjoying the coolness offered buy the night air, good food and excellent company.

For some, the party would continue, with Gerry pulling out his fire pit (its actually quite brilliant), which would consume bags of wood until late into the evening. This made getting up the next morning a little more difficult for some.

With sunup came the delicious smell of eggs and bacon as members used their scottles to prepare delicious breakfasts with tea and coffee. With tummies full it was time for most to begin packing up camp, after which some took the opportunity to spend a little time playing on the 4x4 track whilst others opted to take a leisurely drive home.



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