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2018 Oldies Away Weekend

15 May 2018 - Attie Smit
We had a very successful weekend with a total of 7 vehicles present. A 1953 Series 1, 1959 Series 2, two Series 2A's, Forward Control 2B and two 110's - not to be confused with Defender 110’s.

The weekend kicked off on Friday morning with the members arriving at De Voetpadkloof throughout the day. In a Series vehicle, the drive in itself is already an adventure. By early afternoon, camp set up duties done, we spent time in the shade. This went on to late the evening. Rob and Jenny arrived just in time to set up camp before sunset. They survived a tyre blown out, which could have ended very badly. The right front tyre blown and the vehicle swerved to the right, crossing the fast lane on the N4 and came to a standstill in the middelmannetjie. After some high lift jack action and away they go.

Then there was bread! Linda Prinsloo baked the prefect bread next to our camp fire. Once she has decided it was ready to take it out of the huge black pot, she discovered that due to the way it lifted the lid on the one side, it wasn’t ready to her standard, yet. With a flick of a wrist, the huge bread was back in the pot without any the wiser. It was simply delicious and although a huge one, it was not big enough! Thanks Linda.

Saturday morning, we went on our drive on the resort's game drive. Not that challenging, but we all enjoyed the time spent, with oily smells and all. We stopped at the waterfall for a short walk and then a lunch break in the shade of some big trees. This lasted quite a while since we enjoyed being in the veld once again. Kevin Prozesky joined us just before we left for the hamburgers at the resort’s restaurant. We all sat down at one large table for dinner, and back at the camp, found that Bernard's fire is ready, yet again for a long and informative session on Landroving!

Sunday morning, we left camp for Loskop Game Reserve where Delesia Dunn met us for a very interesting and informative talk on the rehabilitation and release of the Grounded Hornbill at the reserve as well as the techniques used to raise them. We all went on to the picnic site for a lunch break and returned late afternoon to the camp site. Just before sunset, Koos and Ina Naude arrived in their Forward Control 2B, the 2nd one built by Jan Vorster.

Some of us had to leave on Monday morning, the rest of us went on another drive with the Forward Control bringing up the rear. Although we stopped at the very first difficult obstacle, Koos came through with flying colours. The Forward Control being just as capable as the rest of them. He just had to keep its height in mind.

That evening Bernard shows us how to cook a rack of lamb in his pot, next to the fire. That was good, very good – possibly the tenderest and tastiest I ever had.

Tuesday morning after the unavoidible breaking up of camp, we left for home on the back road. Kevin Prozesky and ourselves took a leisurely drive and stopped at Qudesh for a cup of tea around 11:00. Another item ticked of the bucket list for, although everything required to do just that, in the vehicle for years now, this was a first. Thanks to Kevin, that’s cup of tea will be part of our future journeys.

A weekend like this is special. Years ago, back in the early sixties, this must have been how the LROC did it. A small intimate group of friends with their beloved Series vehicles, enjoying each others company, sharing tall tales of journeys past and in still in their dreams. Giving and receiving advise. You don't get better than this.

Thanks to Koos and Lenie Kleinsmith as well as the personell of De Voedpadkloof, Jaco and Linda Prinsloo for arrangments, stickers and The Bread. Lastly a big thanks to all who have attended, making it one of the best.

Watch this space, we will do this again. See you all under the big tree.



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