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Technical Talk- Lubrication Technology

Sat, 05 Dec 08:30 Until 14:00
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Thu, 03 Dec 2020
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Thu, 03 Dec 2020
Hosted by:
Jakob Jordaan
Booking contact number:
062 926 3649 (Madeleine)

Have you ever wondered if an oil is just an oil?

What is the difference between a Mineral oil, Part or Semi Synthetic oil and Full Synthetic oil?  Is it worth spending extra money on a Full Synthetic in an old Landy?  Can I extend oil drain intervals if I use a full Synthetic?  What is oil Viscosity and Centistoke and why is it different for engines, gearboxes, transfer boxes, and diffs?  Why are different Viscosity oils specified for the same vehicle in different parts of the world?  Will an understanding of Extreme Pressure ratings help me to choose the correct oils for my Landy’s’ different drivetrain components?  Do I need different greases for different parts of my Landy, or are all greases the same?  I have even heard that there is soap in grease – really, why?  There is also going to be information shared about Antifreeze, Coolants, and Brake Fluids.  The list of questions just goes on-and-on.

Want to know more about this lubrication thing?

We are privileged to have one of Engen’s top Lubrication Technologists to come and chat with us about this technology and to answer the many questions we might have.

In fact, the day is partly sponsored by Engen and one of its customers.  There might even be a few surprise prizes handed out on the day!

It might be better to make sure you are in on this day by booking on the Club’s website rather sooner than later.  You do not want the FOMO bug to bite you because bookings have filled up!

After the talk, there will be a Bring & Braai for those who want to be part of the informal discussion.  Who would not want to spend an extra hour or two around a Braai fire in the open bush with fellow Club members?  Sounds like an awesome idea to me, beating any hour in the concrete jungle! 

Online bookings on the website only

Per vehicle
Per vehicle with a maximum of 4 people per vehicle
R50 per vehicle once off

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