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Sandwani Weekend Away & Tortoise Run

Fri, 03 May 14:00 Until Sun, 05 May 17:00 2019
Book By:
Fri, 26 Apr 2019
Pay By:
Fri, 26 Apr 2019
Hosted by:
Jacques Beard
Booking contact number:
062 926 3649 (Madeleine)

The private 4x4 and game farm offers the best way of living your life to the full and enjoying nature and all it offers in sheer tranquillity. Live the powerful experience of admiring, close-up, the docile impala, gemsbok, blesbok, blue wildebeest, warthogs and many more.

Camping will be in the Main and Bush Camps and both caravan and tents are welcome in this bush environment. Basic ablution facilities are available. Sandwani Game Lodge has a fully equipped 4x4 park. A great place to go have some fun and get dirt in your wheels. (Grade 2 - 3 obstacles).

Sat, 4th May
Tackling the 4x4 trail and experience the natural beauty and wildlife on game drives and in the afternoon join us for the annual LROC Tortoise Run.

Sun, 5th May
Relax at camp or go for a drive on the 4x4 trail before packing up and heading home.

Bring the whole family for this great relaxing weekend.

R30 per child under 12.
R60 per person per night
Venue - Overnight Visitors
R120 per vehicle per day
Venue - Day Visitors
R150 per vehicle per day

Easter Long Weekend Away

19 April 2019 - Thabaphaswa Mountain Retreat, Mokopane

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