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Module 1: Fundamental Off-road Training

Sat, 30 Jan 09:00 Until 15:00
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Thu, 28 Jan 2021
Pay By:
Sat, 30 Jan 2021
Hosted by:
Pieter Greyling
Booking contact number:
062 926 3649 (Madeleine)

Our training program for 2021 kicks off with the basics as it should….

We will be starting the year getting to know the basics of off-road driving that little bit better, for those in the know this would be a great time for a quick refresher course. LROC’s driver training program has developed to cover core fundamentals through the input of various experienced off-roaders with the aid of appropriate literature.

This is a family-friendly course and we encourage everyone to tag along to gain some insight into the world of off-road driving. This may also be the year you encourage your better half to take the reins, a valuable skill if someone becomes ill or injured far out in the African bush. It is highly recommended to join the following day’s mountain drive in order to put your newfound skills to the test in a safe environment around fellow land rover owners. The drive will also be lead by the driver trainer who is there to assist in any way you may need.


The day starts with the customary indemnity and getting to know each other over a good cup of coffee. There after we dive into course material with the trainer systematically taking you through vehicle operations and skills applied when traversing off-road conditions. All necessary course material will be e-mailed to participants with enough time to read through all documents.

After lunch it’s time to put your skills to the test, you will need to demonstrate competence in a set of pre-determined off-road maneuvers. Nothing to fret about as this will all be explained, demonstrated, and supported by experienced drivers where you may become unsure.

Please do not hesitate to give me a shout should you need more information or have any questions. 

R350 per vehicle (includes access to lapa, 4x4 testing area, LROC training and trail)
and R100p/p per night camping + R80 stand fee
R350 per vehicle per day

Mountain Drive: De Wildt 4x4 course

31 January 2021 - De Wildt 4x4, Hartebeespoort

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