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Film Evening

Sat, 24 Jul 16:00 Until 21:00
Book By:
Sat, 19 Jun 2021
Pay By:
Sat, 19 Jun 2021
Hosted by:
Dirk Uys
Booking contact number:
062 926 3649 (Madeleine)

Join us to mark Arthur Goddard’s centenary with the showing of the DVD ‘Stop Gap’.


Michael Bishop and Alex Massey quite literally stumbled across senior member of the original Land Rover development team Arthur Goddard, living in Brisbane, Australia in 2009.


Arthur Goddard (Born 31 January 1921) of the management team who designed, built, and developed the Land-Rover in 1947-48. He was the Project Engineer, responsible for turning the original ideas into a working, reliable, financially viable vehicle for the post-War world. He turned the blueprints into metal and set Land Rover on its way. In doing so he helped save the Rover Company from collapse and helped create a legend that lasted for 67 years.


Arthur returned in 2010 to his old workplace at Solihull and the vehicle that he helped bring to life in 1948. Graeme Aldous (Producer of the ‘First Overland’ DVD) shadowed Arthur aged 89 at the time, with a camera on his visits to the UK in 2010. The DVD explodes several pieces of Land-Rover folklore and busts some of the myths.


We will start the afternoon by watching some classic original promotional films from the archives of Land Rover while the braai fires are being lit. The main feature will follow the braai.

Camping, Park Fees and Vehicle fees
R50 per person per night

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