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LROC 60th Diamond Jubilee Event

Thu, 23 Sep 06:00 Until Sun, 26 Sep 16:00 2021
Book By:
Mon, 02 Aug 2021
Pay By:
Mon, 02 Aug 2021
Hosted by:
Brendon Lowe
Booking contact number:
062 926 3649 (Madeleine)

Sixty Years! Sixty years of awesome adventures, with fantastic people in remarkable vehicles. Sixty years is a significant achievement. One has to wonder if, in those very early days, the Club’s founders even considered that the Club, our Club, would reach the grand age of 60.

2020 is the year in which our Club achieved this milestone, and make no mistake, we plan on celebrating this significant achievement in true Land Rover style, camping under the stars in the staggering scenery of the Maluti mountains. With our celebration kicking off with the 60th AGM held back in February 2020, our festivities culminate with our birthday jamboree in September 2021, stretching from Thursday 23 September 2021, to Sunday 26 September 2021 and incorporating the Heritage Day national public holiday.

We are hosting this momentous celebration at Sandstone Estates near Ficksburg in the eastern Free State, an area renowned for its majestic beauty. This venue is well positioned towards the centre of South Africa, which we believe provides for greater inclusion of all our valued members, including Ordinary, Chapter, Country and Associate Members.

Apart from celebrating this auspicious occasion with fellow Club members, we have arranged the Chairpersons Dinner and Dance, various outdrives, some fun nearby activities and of course, Sandstone itself offers the opportunity to view an extensive collection of narrow-gauge steam trains, military vehicles, stationary engines, farming equipment (especially vintage tractors), for which Sandstone is famous world-wide.

We are looking forward to celebrating with each of you in September. So, let’s get together and enjoy a never to be forgotten Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa experience…

Event Fee & Payment Terms

The event fee includes accommodation (of your choice) for the 3-night weekend, a maximum of 2 vehicles and the once-off gate entry fee @ R100 per adult. It also includes the Saturday evening 60th Jubilee gala dinner function for those persons booked under your name. In addition it includes free access to the venue’s several hundred historical displays and guided walking tours. 

Bookings will close on 26th July 2021 and balance of payments must be made by the same date to secure your bookings. Bookings will require a deposit of R1000 or the full amount if the total is less than R1000. Deposits are payable to LROC on presentation of invoice which will be emailed to you by the club’s administrator. If you do not pay the balance of your payment by 26th July 2021, your booking will be forfeited.

Cancellations will be allowed up to 5 weeks prior to the event, in this case all payments made will be refunded. No refunds will be allowed after 22/08/21.

Note that if you prefer the off-site accommodation option you still need to make a booking on the website or with the club administrator as applicable. We need to know how many people are expected for the Saturday gala dinner and you will need to pay the once-off R100 per adult gate fee which will give you venue access for the entire weekend. There are many accommodation options in the area and you are responsible to make your own booking and pay them directly.


What happens if the event is cancelled due to more stringent COVID-19 regulations?
Given the uncertain times we are living in at the moment, it’s important to note that if the event is cancelled due to lockdown regulations changing and/or certain restrictions not permitting us to go ahead with the event, all deposits will be refunded to participants as applicable. 

What is excluded from the Event Fee?
All meals additional to the Saturday evening gala dinner. All meals and drinks bought from the Estate’s cafeteria which includes take-aways, soft-drinks, wine and beer. All other on-site and off-site activities which are booked and paid for individually are excluded from the event fee. The pre-paid electricity costs for the electrified campsites are also excluded from the event fee.
Note that Sandstone is also offering a beef potjie dinner (with side dishes) on the Friday evening for R190per adult and R150per child. You can book and pay for this option when making your accommodation bookings.

How do I make a booking?
The LROC website only allows bookings for paid-up club members, so all member bookings must be made via the web-based booking system where you can select your accommodation option, activities and number of persons attending. The club administrator will verify that your selections are within the criteria stated and generate an invoice which will be mailed to you.
Non-club members or those belonging to other Land Rover clubs which have been invited will not be able to access the online booking system as they require a membership number. In this case they need to contact the club’s administrator whose contact details are provided in the last paragraph and make their bookings directly with her. They will be subject to the same conditions and booking criteria.

Who is considered an adult?
One of the great paradoxes of life ... when you are a child you want to be an adult, and when you’re an adult, you wish you were a child again. Unfortunately, we have to draw the line somewhere and that line is 12. If the answer to question “how old are you at the time of the event?” is 12 or older, then you are on the side of the adults. Therefore ‘adults’ under 12 are considered children and are exempt from the compulsory gate fees.

What is considered a vehicle?
We know, for a club that’s all about vehicles, it might seem like a bit of a silly question, but it’s one that will definitely be asked at some stage. For a start, a Land Rover or drawn trailer is considered a vehicle. Ie. in terms of towing, your Land Rover and trailer or drawn vehicle will be considered as two vehicles. The maximum number of vehicles (as defined herein) per campsite is therefore two (2). So if you’re camping with some friends, please bear this restriction in mind.

Can I share a campsite with friends?

The simple answer is yes you can, but under certain limitations. Firstly the campsites can only accommodate a maximum of 6 persons (Adults & Kids) and as long as you’re within this limit, you’ve met the first condition. The second condition is a maximum of two vehicles are allowed on each site. Remember that a vehicle is also defined as a caravan/camping trailer or a drawn vehicle, hence if you are towing, you cannot share a site as that counts for two vehicles – if the person sharing has another vehicle this then exceeds the vehicle limit. Eg. If two friends with their families want to share a camping site, then neither can be towing a caravan/trailer or drawn vehicle, as this will exceed the 2 vehicle limit. However if they are both tenting ie. only two driven vehicles, then this would be allowed. The reason for this is that the campsites cannot accommodate more than two vehicles due to the size.


If you fall within the above limitations, please give the person’s name and membership number in the ‘comments’ box when making your booking on the website. Note that in the case of sharing only one person needs to book and therefore make full payment for the site, all communication will be made with the primary person doing the booking.

Accommodation Types

Camping - With Electricity (50 campsites only)
Sandstone has 50 campsites with pre-paid electricity meters. The prepaid meter does not come with electricity, which you will have to purchase at the venue. Those of you that have camped at Sandstone before will remember that there is no shade on the campground, so make sure that you bring along your awning or gazebo. The maximum number of persons allowed per campsite is 6 (adults & children).

Camping - No Electricity (50 campsites only)
Us Landy Lovers are used to spending time away from the luxury of a power source and most have amassed an amazing assortment of equipment, which can be kept going using our trusty Landy’s, perhaps with a few solar panels on the side. For those power independents, there are a further 50 campsites without electricity. Unfortunately, no shade, but the campsites have the advantage of being cheaper than the ones with electrical points. Generators (yip… even the quiet ones) are not allowed. The maximum number of persons allowed per campsite is 6 (adults & children).

Offsite Accommodation (weekend pass)
For those members that would love to join the festivities but would prefer their accommodation to be a little more specific to their pallet, we have included an Offsite Accommodation Category. This allows full unrestricted access to the venue and hosted activities without accommodation. You will however be required to book your own offsite accommodation and will not be able to spend the night at the venue once the day’s activities are over. When you book the number of adults and children attending with LROC you will also need to pay the once-off gate fee @R100 per adult. You cannot access the venue if you do not book and pay the gate fee in advance.

Sandstone Railway Chalet (Sleeps 2) - Fully Booked

Sandstone is renowned worldwide for their collection of vintage equipment and steam trains, and they offer 3 unique Railway Chalets which can host 2 people in each, with one bathroom. Self-catering is NOT permitted, and all food and drinks will need to be purchased from the Sandstone stores and restaurant. These are priced lower than the Victorian chalets, but remember you can’t cook a meal in them! Pricing is per chalet, irrespective of adult/child combination.

Sandstone Victorian Chalet (Sleeps 4) - Fully Booked

We know that camping isn’t for everyone. For those of you who would prefer to stay at Sandstone, but would rather have a roof over your head, there are 4 Victorian Chalets available. Each chalet can accommodate a maximum of 4 people in two separate rooms. Each unit has one bathroom and one kitchen for self-catering purposes. The chalets border the campsite so you will never be too far away from the festivities. Pricing is per chalet, irrespective of adult/child combination.

4x4 Route Offerings
We are planning four off-road routes in the area which are easily accessible from Sandstone estates. Bookings for these routes are essential when you make your accommodation booking, and also need to be paid in advance. Vehicles will depart the estate in LROC lead convoys at scheduled departure times and most are planned for Friday 24th September with limited departures planned for Saturday 25th September. 

You can book multiple routes, however this depends on departure times and route duration. Number of vehicles per route are limited and will be based on a first come, first serve basis and can fill up quickly, so book early to avoid disappointment. Payments will only be refunded if the route is over-booked. We will be using VHF radios utilising 4 ORRA channels as inter-group communication in the various convoys. If you have a VHF mobile/hand-held radio with the ORRA channels pre-programmed, please bring it with you.

Old Mill 4x4 Route
A magnificent off-road drive as you follow the northern bank of the Caledon River in an easterly direction before ascending the mountain. This route is recommended for the more seasoned enthusiast and in places might require engagement of low range. Gradients vary, but in instances can be as steep as 1:4. Note that this route is furthest from Sandstone and takes the longest to complete. There are only two departures (14 vehicles per group) and you will not be able to do another route on the same day. The route takes 7-8 hours to complete.

Camelroc 4x4 Route
A challenging drive for the more adventurous, found just outside of Fouriesburg. Situated right on the border between South Africa and Lesotho, the Camelroc Guest Farm offers a challenging 4x4 route. The route takes about 3 hours to complete and 6 vehicles per group are allowed.

Lesoba 4x4 Route
Lesoba Guest Farm, which is situated 13kms outside of Fouriesburg, offers a fun self-drive 4x4 route on the farm which meanders through breath-takingly beautiful scenery between the Free State and Lesotho. The route takes about 3 hours to complete and 10 vehicles per group are allowed.

Wynford River 4x4 Route
The route follows the police patrol road which traces the Caledon River, starting at Wyndford Guest Farm ending at Union House. The route winds its way along in a South Westerly direction offering views of magnificent sandstone cliffs. The route has some tricky sections, but it is a fairly easy drive. Only 10 vehicles per group will be allowed. The route takes 2,5-3 hours to complete.

Other Activities

Sandstone Estates Steam Train Ride
Sandstone Heritage Trust is world renowned for their vintage equipment and steam trains. The Club has made special arrangement with our host venue to offer members the opportunity of taking a trip on one of their magnificently restored steam trains. We need a minimum of 150 people before this activity can go ahead. Please book and pay when booking for your accommodation. If we are unable to secure enough bookings for this activity, your payment will be refunded in full.

Weapons Museum
This activity may be more suited to the rugged personality. View an amazing collection of armaments that stretch back through the ages. This is a truly spectacular collection, one which has to be seen. Bookings for this activity can be made at the venue. The activity is limited to 4 groups of 6 persons per day. Payment is made at the venue.

Other Self-drive activities
During the course of the weekend there will be many other activities you can choose to participate in in your own time which includes beautiful scenic routes of the area, a visit to the Bald Ibis Winery and Eatery and a visit to the historical Surrender Hill battle-site – these options do not have to be booked and do not require an entrance fee to be paid. Furthermore you could also visit the famous Lion’s Rock sanctuary and even a visit to the Mafube Dino footprints site where you can view actual dinosaur footprints – both of these require payment and upfront booking with the venue owners directly. You could also do any of these activities en-route to the Sandstone Estate venue or on the way home. Details for the above points of interest and routes will be provided on a separate page.

Camping (Without Electricity)
No electricity point. Maximum of 2 vehicles per site and 6 persons.
R780 per campsite per long weekend
Camping (With Electricity)
With electricity point. Maximum of 2 vehicles per site and 6 persons.
R1140 per campsite per long weekend
Entrance Fee
Per Adult. Children enter for free.
R100 per person once off
1 Hour Steam Train Ride
Minimum 150 bookings required
R150 per person once off
Friday Evening Meal
Optional. Friday night beef potjie with side dishes. R150 per child.
R190 per person once off
Old Mill 4x4 Trail
Self drive in LROC convo. 2 Guided groups of 14 vehicles per departure.
R200 per vehicle per day
Camelroc 4x4 Trail
Self drive in LROC convo. 4 guided groups and 6 vehicles per departure.
R200 per vehicle per day
Lesoba 4x4 Trail
Self drive in LROC convo. 4 guided groups and 10 vehicles per departure.
R100 per vehicle per day
Wynford River Route 4x4 Trail
Self drive in LROC convo. 4 guided groups and 10 vehicles per departure.
R100 per vehicle per day
Railway Cottage - Fully Booked
Max 2 persons and 1 vehicle per chalet. No self-catering. 3 units available.
R2244 per unit per long weekend
Victorian Cottage - Fully Booked
Max 4 persons and 2 vehicle per chalet. Self-catering. 4 units available.
R6729 per unit per long weekend

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