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Auxiliary Power Systems

Sat, 01 Feb 08:30 Until 15:00
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Wed, 29 Jan 2020
Pay By:
Wed, 29 Jan 2020
Hosted by:
Jakob Jordaan
Booking contact number:
062 926 3649 (Madeleine)

Part of owning a Landy, sooner or later, is going to get us to aspire to travel far and wide into the unknown, maybe even across the border into unknown territory where there is as little as possible, experiencing Mother Nature away from the hustle and bustle.  There is so much to prepare for, amongst others the need to run a fridge and other electrical devices.  And then the questions start - How many extra (auxiliary) batteries do I need to run a fridge; How many hours would the battery last; How long does it take the battery to recharge; What do I need to charge the battery while driving; What would I need to charge the battery while not driving; What type of battery works better as an auxiliary battery; What size solar panel do I need per battery; Is a small generator not cheaper and better to run than solar panels; Can I connect the solar panel directly to the battery or do I need something in between; How much is such and charging system going to cost me; Is it not cheaper and better just to use a good cooler box?  The list of questions go on and on...  During this Technical Day we will share as much information as possible to help you to make the best decisions and to ask the right questions before you buy!

Registration and signing Indemnity forms will start promptly at 08h30 and the training session will start at 09h00.

It might be a good idea to bring a light meal for the short break around lunchtime.  After the training session we will build fires for a braai during which time we can entertain all sorts of informal discussions and questions about auxiliary systems, maybe even have the opportunity to have a look at some installed systems.

Remember to bring you own chair, a small table if you have one, a notebook and a pen, a light lunch, drinking water for during the day and enough to have a good braai afterwards.

This is gonna be good fun!

Entrance fee
Entrance fee per vehicle (4 persons max)
R150 per vehicle per day

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