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LR Refurbishment Tools

Date added: Thu, 23 Jan 2020
Location: Pretoria
Contact person: Charles McCutcheon
Contact number: 0820549337
Email address:
1. Suspension Bush Bushwacker
2. Old forge double flaring tool
3. Eastwood tune bender
4. Hub nut 2 1/6 box spanner
5. Valve guide drifts LRT 12-036&037 and Oil seal remover LRT-12-038&039
6. Valve tool has been sold
7. Baty D6 SX-1205 metric dial indicator £50-100 and LRT-99-503 Bracket for mounting dial guage (clock guage) New tool number: 100-05 £73.36
8. Pinion height setting tool 18G191-4 with steps of 30.93mm, 38.10mm and 39.50mm. Used in conjunction with dial gauge
Please make me an offer.

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