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Defender Drawers & Packing System

Date added: Mon, 23 Aug 2021
Price: R9500.00
Location: Pretoria East
Contact person: Vivian Gericke
Contact number: +2782570005
Email address:
We have used this custom made aluminum packing system for many years in 110 Defenders. It consists of a fold-up table, above that 2 fully removable drawers within a frame with fold-up flaps for easy removal from the Landy. Above that are 4 plastic crates that fit snugly into the opening, and on top is a shelf for carrying bags with clothes. This way all available space up to the roof lining is utilised. We used this system for many trips into Africa (2 adults and 3 kids), with the Landy and roof rack loaded to capacity. The top shelf screws onto the seat brackets of the pre2007 Defenders (sideways seats at the back). The whole system can be removed easily from the vehicle when not in use. Contact me for more photos. Price excludes the plastic crates.

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